Micaela Heather // Australia


Who: Micaela Heatherimage3

What: Makeup Artist

Where: Melbourne, Australia

Products I Love: In my kit for freelancing I use a lot of MAC! MAC Face and Body is my absolute go-to foundation. I also always carry The Body Shop Lightning and Darkening Drop to tailor my foundation to match all skin tones perfectly!

Professional Struggles: Super embarrassing but I tend to struggle with contouring! It’s so simple but I never do it on myself as I find my cheek bones are overpowering as is. I’ve had to teach myself so I can contour on clients and keep up with this craze of highlighting and contouring. I also struggle a lot with the idea of the Instagram makeup phase. Some people love it, some people don’t. I’ve been taught by people who don’t and I think that’s where I developed my love of ‘Beauty Makeup,’ as my trainers from uni call it. The makeup that you see in editorial shoots is just really clean, beautiful makeup. Everyone is different and I can certainly do Insta makeup, but I do tend to shy away from it.

image1-1Makeup in Australia: As you can imagine, Australia is really far away from literally everything. We get makeup and beauty items 3 months after the rest of the world and beauty trends following seasons never match, as it’s winter here when it’s summer in the US/UK/Europe. Getting started in the beauty industry here is easy for some and difficult for others, much like it would be anywhere else, but I’ve found it hard to find schools that are amazing like the ones I always see overseas. I study at Academy of Makeup here in Melbourne and I honestly found this school to be the best by far out of all I looked at before enrolling. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to study makeup in Australia. Like anywhere else, you need to put in the work, and boy have I worked hard this year! Beauty in Melbourne is very different and multicultural, as just walking around the city you constantly hear all different types of languages and accents. Honestly, to me working in makeup, it’s really refreshing and inspiring

Australian Brands: My favourite Australian brand is Australis. They have so many dupes for MAC products, which is a big help, as here in Australia makeup is double the price as overseas because of crazy, high shipping costs! Australis is cruelty free, Australian made, and extremely affordable. I highly recommend it and wish it had more global recognition.

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