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Who: Jo Murphy

What: Founder of Making Faces GLO, Snapchat filter enthusiast, & human lady person

Where: United States of America

What does beauty mean to you?

Oh man, hard question to answer (keeping in mind I just asked myself this question…) I’ve been in love with makeup since my mum took me to Saks Fifth Ave when I was 15 and sat me down at the Lancome counter for a makeover. Brown shadows, brown mascara, and maybe some powder? All I know is I was hooked by the various beauty counters and terrified of the salespeople, although awkward and 15 is a little better than 15 and pregnant. And so began my oft one-sided love affair with makeup.

It took awhile to get to where I am today – the cat-eye, red lip wearing feminist I am now. In between 15 and 31 there was poorly matched foundation, blue eyeshadow, glitter (oh the GLITTER mishaps), liquid liner that didn’t quite hit the lash line, and various other beauty disasters. But now here I am! A bonafide beauty obsessor. Annnnnd still not phenomenal at applying it.

But that’s what’s great: beauty can be whatever you make of it.


I don’t always succeed when it comes to makeup looks (a few weeks ago I threw an actual hissy fit and threw my fake lash at the mirror because I couldn’t apply it correctly), nor do I branch out much, but that’s never stopped me from staring at more and more ~looks~ on Instagram or watching hours of YouTube tutorials.

I’m self-aware enough to know my face is the wonderbread of faces: nothing very unique or groundbreaking here. I was initially nervous to even share my own face because it was so normal and what I wanted from this site was to see different. But then I realized that excluding my own face was doing a disservice to anyone that’s ever been self-conscious and didn’t think they were worth sharing.

What do you wish you saw more of in beauty?

What more do I want to see in beauty? Easy. I want to see it all – I want to see girls from every corner of the world, I want to see more unique faces splashed on billboards and in print ads, I want to learn directly from the sources what beauty means to them and what they think is missing. I have questions about availability of products in different countries, and the products people have access to that I don’t. I want to learn about who in your life has told you ‘you wear too much makeup!’ or ‘you absolutely cannot wear makeup because (insert reason here)’ and if you kindly told them to bugger off. I want to know how beauty changes as you grow older (I think I have to start using night cream…but I still get acne so I don’t – being an adult is fun!)

There’s so much I don’t know, and since I’ve always been a nosy little shit, I won’t stop until I learn everything I possibly can.

One last thing I really want to see? Well, do you see that map on the sidebar? Right now it’s mostly empty except for one splotch of color. I want to see it filled – filled with all of the faces – so many faces that Mark Zuckerberg tries to sue me for creating a better facebook than he ever could.

What are your go-to products?

If they gave out awards for beauty addiction, I would win them all. In fact, I dedicated an entire site solely to talking about makeup products before I started MFG.

My recent obsession has been all things Hourglass – foundation, bronzer, and blush to name a few. They’re pricey but you get what you pay for in quality and they beat my face on the reg. I’ve also started wearing lipstick more frequently, and since I’m a matte girl, I’ve needed help rehabbing my lips – enter Glossier’s The Balm Dotcom.

[Check out both my favorites and eventually yours on the Making page! And don’t forget to share your own!]

Now that you’ve read the welcome post and seen for yourself what we’re all about share your own story! Have a beauty question? Ask it! Have a beauty answer? Tell us about it! 

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