Emilie Bruun // Denmark


Who: Emilie Bruunemilie

What: Freelance makeup artist, YouTuber, and photographer

Where: Denmark

Why makeup?
When I was younger I was the biggest tomboy ever, and makeup and girly stuff were so far from my mind. But after becoming a freelance photographer and starting a youtube channel, I thought why not try and put some effort into my look, and it seems to have worked out!

I quickly found out that creative and editorial makeup woke an interest in me, so I started posting looks some people maybe wouldn’t wear as an everyday look but I would.


Be you because everyone else is taken!
I learned very quickly that with crazy hair colours and creative makeup, people will have an opinion about you.

I’m so used to people staring at me and giving me weird looks but I could not care less.


I used to really care what others thought about my makeup and hair and I just didn’t understand why people were looking so much, but I learned to love what I do and that people’s opinions shouldn’t affect the way I do my makeup. I’m allowed to wear a bold look on the daily; I should be proud of the work I have done and so should you! Wear the brightest makeup you can if you want to, wear a blue lip to school and wear it with confidence because that’s what you should do!

Where did it all start?
I had the great pleasure of attending Lou Teasdale and Nicola Schuller’s 5 day makeup course BSD, in London, as one of their 10 students. Right after, I was so determined to start a career that when I got home I literally sat down and watched YouTube videos all day long on how to make yourself a brand. I wrote everything I learned down in a notebook and then decided, “Today is the day I’m gonna start this.”

Since then, I’ve had the chance to work with a bunch of agency models for test shoots, I’m currently working with an independent brand on a liquid lipstick collection, and next month I will be giving makeup lessons where I teach about specific topics – I’m so excited about it!

General tips
Work hard for what you want! Don’t take anything or anyone for granted and be thankful for what you have. Remember to be yourself the entire way. You may lose someone but you will gain self-love and respect for what you do. And keep in mind that anything can happen! You don’t have to have loads of followers for big stuff to happen. The ones you do have can bring you far, and remember to always thank them for being a part of your journey!

You can find Emilie on Instagram, YouTube & Twitter.

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