Born from a love of makeup and a frustration in the lack of diversity in what we saw in the beauty world, Making Faces Glo was created to be a space for any face – your face, her face, my face, his face – seriously, any face.

Depending on where you are in the world, so much of what we see is filtered through a narrow lens. What one person sees in one part of America is not what someone in another part of the country sees. Or what we see in India, or Australia, or Turkey, or Japan. We wanted to create a place where anyone from across the globe could submit their face and share what beauty means to them.

Maybe you’re a makeup artist-to-be, a blogger, a student, a CEO – white, black, yellow, purple, green, whatever – we want to see you. Head on over to Submissions to share your own story: your triumphs and tragedies (let’s face it, we’ve all got ‘em), your favorite products, your least favorite products, and what beauty means to you. We’d love to hear whatever you’d like to share about beauty and you.

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Where you’ll find products that people like you use. It’s an opportunity to explore new cosmetics you may not know about, or see who else is using the ones you already know and love. Products come from the community – when someone shares their story, they get the opportunity to share products that will then be linked here.


A lookbook of faces from around the world, celebrating the uniqueness of you. We’re like the bathroom of a nightclub – we compliment each other’s look, fix smudged lips, and gush over the products that other people are using. Share your own face and story here!


We put the GLO in Global. Have you ever wondered about another country’s beauty traditions or culture? Explore beauty news from around the world here!