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Name: Making Faces GLO
Conception: May 20, 2016
Date of Birth:October 13, 2016

Images created by Sophia Altholz

Over the last five months, I’ve spent hours and hours outside of my nine-to-five job trying to hone and refine what started out as a relatively simple idea for a site: global beauty.

As I write this and look back on my notes, they’re full of frustration, curiosity, and finding a way to see the entire world from the comfort of my own home. My initial goal was easy – see beauty from around the world, learn more about makeup, discover new products, and hear about the struggles other people encounter with beauty. As an American, the prominent women I was seeing in the beauty and fashion industry were all trending towards similar features, similar styles, and similar looks. I  found myself getting bored of what I was constantly presented with. As much as I loved every new fashion and beauty season, the more exhausted I became by a stagnant industry that wasn’t always offering the most genuine glimpse into beauty from around the world.

Because the reality is, there is beauty beyond what’s currently walking down a catwalk, covering a magazine, or plastered across a billboard.


I’ve traveled extensively so I know there is more to beauty than what I am being bombarded with in my day-to-day life. I’ve seen the vast market of skin lightening products in India, discovered gems of French cosmetics not available in America, and have seen women throughout the Middle East with covered hair but who also rock the most flawless eye makeup. There are so many cultures and traditions, that I can only learn so much about through Google. And there is still so much I want to know.

This all got me thinking on how to change that. How was I to learn from people around the world when I was stuck on the East Coast? How could I learn about different cultures and see real people for who they are, without having to leave the comfort of my couch?

Thus, Making Faces Glo was born.


Inspired by a female-driven site launched in March, La Femme Collective and their community sourced stories, the first part of the MFG puzzle was solved. Through submission-based posts from around the world, I could learn about beauty in every corner of the globe. This was my initial plan, to reach out to people through Twitter and Instagram, and eventually have people submit their own posts via the submissions page when the site took off (I really hope it does or I’m pretty much just talking to myself here).

However, the initial concept felt almost…preachy? It was an idea, that while it came from the heart, felt hypocritical, because if I was highlighting one group, I was still shadowing (or shading, as the kids say) another. So the idea morphed and shifted to include everyone. You can be the most traditional face out there (whatever that might mean) and we will ALWAYS want to hear from you. If we’re excluding a face, we’re missing the point of our own site.

There still seemed to be something missing though, until I had an epiphany to take the MFG name and turn it into three separate pages. Making – a place for products people could share or I myself would write about, Faces – the original premise of the site, and GLO – stories that go deeper into beauty issues from around the world.
I’m excited to see how the idea of the site has already expanded from the original premise. I’m excited for people to finally see what I’ve been working on for the last five months. 

I’m terrified this might fail but ready to try anyway.


So welcome to Making Faces GLO! I hope this becomes a safe place for any face. I hope it becomes a place where you want to share your story, and to learn about new products and different cultures. Mostly, I hope it becomes whatever you want to make of it. It’s a place for you, for us, to celebrate all types of beauty.

Special thanks to the following people that have worked with me over the last five months:

Natalie Andres, graphic designer and developer, Hole Punch Design:  Thank you thank youuu for designing such a beautiful logo and site! Natalie dealt with a client that didn’t always have the creative know-how to explain what exactly she wanted but still managed to create a site beyond my wildest dreams. Natalie was flexible and so so helpful throughout this process. If you need a site or logo designed, I cannot recommend her enough!

Sophia Altholz, Interactive Digital Artist:  You see those amazing images above and, most importantly, on the front page? You see that GIF telling you to submit? Those are all down to the phenomenally talented (and amazingly sweet to boot) chick affectionately referred to as Sophdawg. I cannot thank her enough for adding a visual flair to the site – her work is unrivalled and despite her own busy life/schedule she will ALWAYS take the time to respond to emails, talk through your proposal and images over the phone, and even FaceTime with just-spray-tanned clients. Even when you shout at her ‘SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY’ she will still respond and not think you’re a crazy person. Check out her work – you won’t be disappointed.

Stephanie Kurz, MFG Content Editor – Adding an international flavor to the site (yes, Canada counts), Steph ensures all posts flow grammatically and are edited to perfection. She’s been a sounding board throughout the process and the only other ‘official’ MFG member. The site would be a jumbled mess of my ramblings without her!

Additional special thanks to: Sav, Stevie + Allie, Annie, Jess, Liz, Kelly, Nicki, and Amber for all weighing in on the site in some way, shape, or form. I couldn’t have achieved this without your support! 

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