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It’s – well, it’s been a rough week.

I foolishly believed that Tuesday evening I would see the glass ceiling not just shatter but break beyond repair. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Instead, it seems that hatred and fear of the unfamiliar prevailed. Intolerance trumped acceptance.

Over the last few days I’ve tried to find silver linings; I’m ashamed to admit that I have come up short. I don’t know how many share the same fears that I do – the fear that 50 years of progress will be erased in 4. America is not, and has never been perfect, but it has always been a place I have been proud to be from. It was a place that accepted my grandfather immigrating from Greece, and allowed him to work hard enough to send three kids to college even though he never graduated high school.

It was a country that promised its children a better life than their parents had.


Has that all changed? I don’t know. While I am eternally optimistic even in times of despair, I am shaken. But I am also still here. I woke up on Wednesday and I went to work, and I smiled and joked, and tried to be as kind as I could to everyone I met.

What I do know with absolute certainty, is that I owe it to myself and I owe it to the world to try to do as much good as I can. Even when I feel helpless and devastated, I have a responsibility to never stop moving forward. All this election has done is give me more motivation to learn about people that are not like me. People with different skin colors, different religions, different sexual orientations – or, as I also like to call them, humans.

This site will continue to be an open and safe place for people to share their stories, their faces, and their struggles. We will continue to support, accept, and above all else, love each other. We will not allow hate to trump love. We will keep moving forward, and one day we will shatter the shit out of that glass ceiling and we’ll do it together.

xx the MFG team

“Never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world.” – Hillary Clinton


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